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    As the global leader and trusted brand of high-pressure & cryogenic pressure vessel manufacturer in gas industry, CIMC ENRIC has been innovatively developing and manufacturing high quality seamless steel cylinders and various type of storage tanks & trailers to serve our clients worldwide covering different industries who need gas energy & petrochemicals.

    Through our continuous efforts & decades’ experiences, we are pursuing to deliver not only reliable products but also comprehensive solution to support your business.

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    • LNG Vehicle fuel tank

      LNG Vehicle fuel tank

      As the development of NGV, the LNG Vehicle tank consumption is in a huge and fast growing. With these equipment and automated assembly line between workpiece to workpiece as well as integration of abundant experience and mature technology, LNG Vehicle Fuel Tank already become our “star” product and one of best sellers in recent years.

    • Hygrogen tube skid

      Hygrogen tube skid

      We provide tube skid or bundled tube trailer for H2 delivery to the H2 Fueling Station. Our vessels are of superior quality, compliant with standards or regulations of USDOT, ISO, KGS, GB, TPED, etc, the working pressure is designed 200bar, or 250bar or as per client’s requirement. The hydrogen tube skids designed to achieve maximum payload and pressures.

    • LNG ISO contianer

      LNG ISO contianer

      The most outstanding character of LNG ISO Container is to realize multiple transportation of LNG among land, railway and ocean. Enric is the earliest enterprise who passed the Ministry of Communications and national Marine Board LNG container test, with excellent insulation property, our LNG ISO Container is suitable for long-distance lossless LNG transportation.

    • Industrial gas container

      Industrial gas container

      The description of Industrial Gas Container

      Industrial Gas Container is used for multiple transporting industrial gas , such as H2,He.

    • Industrial gas storage

      Industrial gas storage

      The description of Industrial Gas Storage Cascade

      Industrial Gas Storage Cascade is widely used for storage of industrial gas , such as H2,He.

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