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    Shijiazhuang Enric Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. (Enric), is committed to manufacture and provide high-quality and reliable of high pressure and cryogenic equipment to meet all of your storage and transportation requirements, which are mainly serving the clean energy industries of CNG/LNGs and hydrogen, semiconductor and photovoltaics Industries, and also Petrochemical Industry, etc.

    Enric was founded in 1970, listed on main board of Hong Kong Stock exchange (HK3899) in 2005. As key energy equipment manufacturer, engineering service and system solutions provider, joined the group company of CIMC Group (China International Marine Container Group Company) in 2007. CIMC Group’s total annual turnover is about 1.5billion US dollar annually.

    Rely on our CIMC Group’s global network and the advantages in large scale manufacture management, Enric designs and manufactures products by complying standards or regulations of GB, ISO, EN, PED/TPED, ADR, USDOT, KGS, PESO, OTTC etc, to meet tailored requirement of target counties. And for years, Enric also keeps intimate cooperation with our clients and providing them not only high quality products but also designated solutions:

    - For natural gas field: based on CNG and LNG products, we provide EPC services for CNG compression station, Marine CNG delivery Solution, LNG multimodal transportation solution, LNG receiving, LNG fueling station, LNG re-gas system, etc; 
    - For Hydrogen energy field: we provide H2 tube trailer, H2 skid mounted station, Storage banks for station.
    - For other gases industry, we provide gas equipment for carrying H2, He, N2, CH4, NF3, BF3, SH4, HCl, VDF, WF6 etc, for many industries, including semiconductor, photovoltages, etc. 
    - And we also provide bulk tanks solutions for Petrochemical industry


    Our products stand in the leading position in global relevant industries. We are recognized by our clients as their business strategy partner for mutual business development.

    Vision: To be as world-class and respectful equipment manufacturer and solution provider for gases storage and transportation industries.

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