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    The 50th anniversary of CIMC Enric

    Date: 31-Dec-2020

    2020 is the 50th anniversary of establishment of Shijiazhuang Enric Gas Equipment Co., Ltd., from year 1970 to 2020, Shijiazhuang Enric Gas Equipment has forging ahead for 50 years, it carrying the dream and pursuits of several generations of Enric people. Over the past 50 years, Shijiazhuang Enric has faced the torrent of reforms, re-position again and again, and constantly made breakthroughs in each conversion, Shijiazhuang Enric served the industries with products such as storage and transportation equipment for Chemical materials, CNG and LNG storage and transportation equipment, and LNG on-board fuel system etc, base on such products, we also provide customers with integrated solutions. So far, Shijiazhuang Enric provided more than 6000 sets of liquid ammonia and LPG tankers, 10107 sets of CNG trailers, and 5238 sets of LNG tankers , hydrogen equipment 5000 sets, more than 3000 sets of electronic gas equipment to the market, of which exports is more than 20%, and the products are distributed in 50 countries and regions. Shijiazhuang Enric persists on serving the country by industry, and have played many pioneer roles or created many industry first. The world’s first compressed natural gas carrier was successfully launched, the gas container applied for the launching of Long March series of carrier rockets.

    In the milestone of 50th anniversary year for Shijiazhuang Enric, we are gratified for our past achievements and accumulated our strength for the journey ahead. Facing the coming next fifty years, Enric will not forget its original aspiration and build a prosperous vision in the energy equipment field, build a century of dreams and strive forever.  

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