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    Date: 28-Oct-2020

    In Oct. 2020, a 5,000M3 LNG Single Containment Tank project has been completed and successfully taken overby our client Shaanxi Coal and Chemistry Industry Group. This is really an exciting birthday gift to company’s 50th Anniversary. CIMC ENRIC capability has been proved again to execute the LNG project with large-scale LNG storage tanks. We are actively growing along with our LNG Full Chain strategy covering various applications from LNG upstream liquefaction to downstream LNG storage, transport, refueling station and regasification.

    Single Containment Tank typically features a primary liquid containment open-top inner tank, a carbon steel primary vapor containment outer tank and bund walls for secondary liquid containment. The outer shell of the single containment storage tank is primarily for the retention and protection of insulation and to constrain the vapor purge gas pressure, but is not designed to contain refrigerated liquid in the event of leakage from the inner tank. This type of tank requires enough space to provide the secondary containment.

    CIMC ENRIC provides comprehensive design-build services for LNG storage tanks and LNG facilities. We deliver projects by providing conceptual design, detailed design, engineering, facility optimization, project planning and management, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning and operator training. The EPC business model enables us to shorten project period, minimize the customer’s risk and maintain rigorous quality control through every step of the project.


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