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    SK hynix localizes neon gas for semiconductor production

    Date: 21-Oct-2022

    On October 5, SK hynix announced that it had localized neon gas, a necessary raw material for semiconductor production, for the first time among Korean companies.
    SK hynix explained that it found a way to produce neon gas in collaboration with TEMC and POSCO, which make industrial gases for semiconductors. Until now, South Korean semiconductor companies have relied entirely on imported neon signs in the past few years. In the past few years, due to the unstable situation in the main foreign production regions, there is a risk of instability in the supply of neon gas.
    In collaboration with TEMC and POSCO, SK hynix has developed a method to produce low cost neon signs using existing facilities.
    Neon is the main material for excimer laser gases used in semiconductor lithography processes. The excimer laser gas produces excimer laser light, which is ultraviolet light and has a very short wavelength. Excimer lasers are used to engrave thin circuitry onto wafers. While neon makes up 95 percent of excimer laser gas, it is a rare resource, only 0.00182 percent in air.
    In April this year, SK Hynix introduced household neon lamps in the semiconductor lithography process. The company has already replaced 40% of its neon with domestic neon and plans to increase this to 100% by 2024.

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