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    Oxygen supply shortage-fake news?

    Date: 30-Mar-2020

    There should be no reason for a lack of oxygen supply, and the industrial and medical gases industry is taking every practical step to manage the stability and distribution of the supply chain.

    The industry is also lending its support to the emergency production of ventilator systems and equipment.

    That’s the findings of gasworld’s exploration into medical oxygen supply, following various concerning reports in mainstream media.

    Reports have been proliferating that the fast-moving developments related to the continued outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus) are causing challenges in the medical supply chain where ventilators, other equipment and oxygen are involved.

    This is the last thing that already strained, if not overwhelmed, healthcare systems need and especially so in Europe at the moment – now considered the epicentre of the pandemic. Quite apart from driving panic amongst the public, are such reports true of oxygen supply, a medical gas that is generally not considered a tight market?

    Before we answer that, it’s worth first understanding the dynamics of both the medical oxygen market and the wider oxygen business.

    Oxygen business
    One of the core air gases, the bulk of oxygen supplies for industry are produced via the air separation process in an ASU (air separation unit).

    Generally speaking, the air all around is comprised of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen (approx.) and 1% of argon and other constituents (rare gases like krypton, neon and xenon, for example). An ASU takes this abundant atmospheric air and, through several stages of separation and distillation, splits it out into those individual components (oxygen, nitrogen, argon).

    gasworld understands that in normal circumstances these ASUs or plants tend to operate at around 75-85% of their maximum capacity, an optimal operational balance between supply and demand. This means that the output of oxygen, a product not often associated with short supply, can be increased as demand requires and without the construction of any new plants

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