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    ENRIC Hydrogen Containers are moving towards the low-carbon Beijing Winter Olympics

    Date: 26-Nov-2021

    On 11th Nov. 2021, Enric was delivering Hydrogen Tube Skid Containers to the Winter Olympics, to guarantee the hydrogen supply for the game. The Hydrogen Containers supplied have the largest capacity 4600SCM/unit in China, under 20MPa working pressure. The hydrogen will be used in firing the torch at the main venue of Winter Olympics and Fuel Cell application. So far, Enric has supplied over 30 units Hydrogen Transport Containers/Trailers and more than 10 units 50MPa Hydrogen Storage Cascade, in order to secure the energy supply and smooth operation for HRS (Hydrogen Refueling Station) which can refuel more than 200 Hydrogen-powered Buses during Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

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