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    Enric Boosts the Development of African Natural Gas Market

    Date: 26-Jan-2022

    On Jan. 7th 2022, the LNG semi-trailer delivery ceremony successfully held in Enric factory. The 40 units LNG semi-trailer will leaving factory and departure to Africa. This is the second bulk purchase LNG semi-trailer from our Africa client to Enric , that is the highly approve of product quality and after sales service of Enric from our client.

    The CNG and LNG semi-trailer which produced by Enric have been running in various regions of Africa, to providing the support and service guarantee for the development of natural gas in Africa.

    With the continuous improvement of internationalization capabilities, we believe that Enric will continue to write the glorious history in the development process of global natural gas with our customers from all over the world, to provide with clean energy storage and transportation equipment, and contribute to the global environmental protection field.

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