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    CIMC ENRIC attend the “CNG AFRICA 2023″

    Date: 21-Mar-2023

    The CNG AFRICA 2023 is holded on March 17th 2023 in Tanzania, CIMC ENRIC as the leading manufacture of CNG storage and trasportation equipment is invited to attend the forum. The representative from CIMC ENRIC give a professional speech about the “mobile pipeline solution(CNG) for industrial application” during the forum.

    CIMC ENRIC always committed to providing clean energy (natural gas, hydrogen energy, liquid ammonia) equipment solutions to global customers and has been deeply rooted in Africa for more than 10 years. We will work closely with local governments and partners to jointly promote the development of the African natural gas industry.86526153dbae56470764a1948e585110c3e00b14e83b910cc9b006ad628c9e486b75f4a9f84810e20bd7aa5ec28ccac20ab223e9d823926002f3cde5a9e9dca2

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