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    Natural Gas

    As the global leader and trusted brand of high-pressure & cryogenic pressure vessel manufacturer in gas industry, CIMC ENRIC has been innovatively developing and manufacturing high quality seamless steel cylinders and various type of storage tanks & trailers to serve our clients worldwide covering different industries who need gas energy & petrochemicals.

    Through our continuous efforts & decades’ experiences, we are pursuing to deliver not only reliable products but also comprehensive solution to support your business.

      Less Emission
      Virtual Pipeline
    • CNG tube skids

      CNG tube skids

      Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Tube Skid is used to transporting  large volumes of natural gas to areas where are in lack of gas piping, CNG Tube Skid can supply CNG for NGV station ,industry factory , power plant or family use.

    • LNG refueling semi-trailer

      LNG refueling semi-trailer

      Geometric volume of the LNG tank 10-50m³
      Competitive Advantage:
      1. Skid mounted design, easy operation, small occupation, short installation period, lower investment.
      2. PLC control, easy operate, stable running.
      3. Advanced heat insulation technology, less LNG loss.
      4. Cryogenic submerged pump (Cryostar) and key components choose excellent foreign brand, quality guaranteed.

    • Marine CNG

      Marine CNG

      Enric has apply the patent for the CNG carrier cargo system which named “E-CAN” make the CNG carrier designed more flexible according to customers’ requirements.

    • LNG/L-CNG Station

      LNG/L-CNG Station

      As a member of CIMC group with completed upstream & downstream resources, Enric provides overall solution of CNG projects including designing, equipment supply, EPC management for construction & operation for CNG Mother & Daughter station, CNG Filling Station, CNG Bulk storage, CNG Carrier etc. project.

    • CNG Solution For Power Plant

      CNG Solution For Power Plant

      The CNG solution for power plant project is to solve the peaker time operation cost for the power plant.

    • LNG Storage & Re-gas

      LNG Storage & Re-gas

      The LNG storage and re-gas project is mainly used for peaking supply gas for the pipe line. And the project can also be used for deliver the LNG to the LNG, L-CNG station emergency supplement. With the excellent engineering and management team, Enric can provide the EPC service for customers. Now Enric has successfully built several LNG storage and re-gas project, the capacity is covered from 5,000m3 to 60,000m3.

    • Micro Bulk

      Micro Bulk

      The Micro bulk product is a kind of innovative gas storage platform, especially designed & using for small community, industry, hotels, hospitals etc. The function of Micro bulk combines storage, re-gas and regulating together, which is more reliable, efficient and cost-effective. With advantage of compact, space saving, whole skid mounted, easy to install. The Micro bulk system allows packaged gas distributors and users to enjoy the benefits of on-site gas delivery.

    • LNG ISO contianer

      LNG ISO contianer

      The most outstanding character of LNG ISO Container is to realize multiple transportation of LNG among land, railway and ocean. Enric is the earliest enterprise who passed the Ministry of Communications and national Marine Board LNG container test, with excellent insulation property, our LNG ISO Container is suitable for long-distance lossless LNG transportation.

    • LNG vaporization system

      LNG vaporization system

      The air-temperature vaporizer is a special equipment for vaporizing cryogenic liquids at ambient temperature. The air is used as the heat source to exchange heat through finned tubes with good thermal conductivity, so that various low-temperature liquids are vaporized into gases of a certain temperature. The utility model can be divided into high and low pressure. The working medium has low temperature liquid such as LNG/LO2/LAr/LN2/LCO2, which has good sealing property, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, safety and reliability.

    • LNG Vehicle fuel tank

      LNG Vehicle fuel tank

      As the development of NGV, the LNG Vehicle tank consumption is in a huge and fast growing. With these equipment and automated assembly line between workpiece to workpiece as well as integration of abundant experience and mature technology, LNG Vehicle Fuel Tank already become our “star” product and one of best sellers in recent years.

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