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    High Pressure Industrial Gas

    As the global leader and trusted brand of high-pressure & cryogenic pressure vessel manufacturer in gas industry, CIMC ENRIC has been innovatively developing and manufacturing high quality seamless steel cylinders and various type of storage tanks & trailers to serve our clients worldwide covering different industries who need gas energy & petrochemicals.

    Through our continuous efforts & decades’ experiences, we are pursuing to deliver not only reliable products but also comprehensive solution to support your business.

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    • Industrial gas tube skid

      Industrial gas tube skid

      The description of industrial gas tube skid.

      Industrial Gas tube skid is widely used for industrial gas , such as H2,He;standard model is 40ft &20ft.

    • Industrial gas storage

      Industrial gas storage

      The description of Industrial Gas Storage Cascade

      Industrial Gas Storage Cascade is widely used for storage of industrial gas , such as H2,He.

    • Industrial gas container

      Industrial gas container

      The description of Industrial Gas Container

      Industrial Gas Container is used for multiple transporting industrial gas , such as H2,He.

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